Did you miss your favorite TV shows?
No worries!

Experience a revolutionary “catch-up” service to ALL TV subscribers for free.
With this convenience service, you can watch shows you’ve missed on Cookie TV for up to 1 week after
they’ve been broadcast.

No year-long contract, no equipment rental, no hidden fees!

Our plan starts at only 4,900 “cookies” a month and
we offer flexible plans for everyone’s needs.

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Why wait! Why wait!

Enjoy the earliest release of Hollywood and Korean movies with English / Myanmar subtitles and in HD! You don't have to wait for a whole new year or don't have to sacrifice the quality of the movie.

Personalized Movie Suggestion<br> and Keyword Search Personalized Movie Suggestion
and Keyword Search

Our movie section offers you carefully curated selections of movies by themes, actors, keywords and even moods!

Expensive mobile data charges? Expensive mobile data charges?

Now you can download movies with wi-fi and watch them offline later.

Expensive mobile data charges?

Sharing is fun. Sharing is caring.
Sharing is spreading the love.

CookieTV enables you to gift your favorite movies or TV series
and even cookies (our in-app cyber cash) to friends and family.
With a couple of simple touches,
you can easily share your experiences with the people you love.

Why not try sharing with us?