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No hassle, it is just a simple TV

Ditch your old cable TVs, “free” streaming services with endless advertisements and join our simple Cookie TV.

No annoying advertisement, no year-long contract, no equipment rental, no hidden fees!

Introducing Catch-up

Cookie TV is proud to offer a revolutionary Catch-up service. With this convenience service, you can “catch up” with shows you’ve missed on Cookie TV for up to 1 weeks after they’ve been broadcast, anytime and anywhere.

What’s more fantastic than this?
Everyone who subscribes to any cookie TV plan is getting this service for FREE!

Your Viewing Experiences

Do you start your day with news about what’s happened overnight? Or do you want to see what movies areg on TV all the time?

You can edit how all the TV channels appear on your phone. Move your favorite TV channels to the top by dragging and dropping them wherever you want by a simple touch. Don’t miss a thing!

Movies Movies
Movies Movies

Fastest Way to Watch
Hollywood's Latest Movies

Enjoy Myanmar’s earliest release of Hollywood with English & Myanmar subtitles in HD! You don’t have to wait for a whole new year or don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the movies.

Personalized Movie Suggestions
and Keyword Search

Not sure what movies to watch? Our team of movie experts are always on the look out for interesting themes and hottest entertainment news for you.

You just can’t make out the name of the movie that your friend’s recommended? We got you covered. You can search movies by keywords such as actor’s name, genre, topic or theme.

Download Now and
Watch Later

No need to worry about your data charges. Now you can download movies when you are in an area with wi-fi and can watch them offline later.
It won’t cost you any!

Joy of Sharing and
Gifting Movies

Not only you can gift “Cookies” to your friends and family, but also Movies. Nothing is more important than sharing great experiences with the people you care in life. Click the “Gift” icon on the movie detail page and select the lucky person(s).

Now you can talk about movies of your life with that person. How exciting!

Yoe Shinn Plan

Watch sports, entertainment, news and something for kids.
Do not miss our catch-up service. Stream TV shows you’ve missed anytime and anywhere.

1 month3 months6 months12 months
Yoe Shinn Plan 4,900 14,700 Yoe Shinn Plan 12,900 Save 12% 29,400 Yoe Shinn Plan 23,500 Save 20% 58,100 Yoe Shinn Plan 43,500 Save 25%
1 month Yoe Shinn Plan 4,900
3 months 14,700 Yoe Shinn Plan 12,900
6 months 29,400 Yoe Shinn Plan 23,500
12 months 58,100 Yoe Shinn Plan 43,500

Hti Sha Plan

With this supreme pacakage, you cna enjoy HBO’s premium movies channels
and more shows for your little ones all day long for one great price.

1 month3 months6 months12 months
Hti Sha Plan 7,900 23,700 Hti Sha Plan 20,800 Save 12% 47,400 Hti Sha Plan 37,900 Save 20% 94,800 Hti Sha Plan 71,100 Save 25%
1 month Hti Sha Plan 7,900
3 months 23,700 Hti Sha Plan 20,800
6 months 47,400 Hti Sha Plan 37,900
12 months 94,800 Hti Sha Plan 71,100

Movie Album

It is a monthly subsciprtion plan that gives you unlimited access to selective Hollywood’s best films.
It can be purchased as a stand-alone item or as an add-on item with your TV plan.

Movie Album 1,000 Movie Album 2,000
Add-on Movie Album 1,000
Stand-alone Movie Album 2,000