About Us

Cookie is an 'all-in-one' streaming platform that allows users to watch live TV, movies, and TV shows on demand from Myanmar, Hollywood, and Asia for one simple price.
" Cookies are our unique in-app cash that can only be used on the Cookie app. Once you top up Cookies, you can purchase any subscriptions and transactional VODs.Please note that any pre-paid Cookies have no expiration date while complimentary Bonus Cookies can be used only for the specified period."
You can watch Cookie on your mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.
Cookie offers three special subscriptions - Basic, Premium and Premium Home. With one single subscription, you can access live TV channels and entire VODs we offer. Each account is allowed to have up to 5 profiles, which means you can share our wide selection of movies and TV channels with your friends and family.Even without a subscription, you can still pay for an individual movie you like and watch it on Cookie.

Getting Started

It's pretty easy. Open the Cookie app and sign up by using your Facebook account and phone number.
We are providing warm services to your loved ones as well. That is, you can create profiles under one Cookie account which enables you to register up to 10 different devices and use 5 devices at the same time.
The first profile created is considered the primary profile and is directly linked with the Facebook account at the time of the sign-up.For secondary profiles, you must create a password. A password is required for profile users to sign in with the phone number associated with the main profile.
* Each profile user will have: 1. Downloaded movies 2. Wish List 3. Continue Watching * Only primary account holders can edit the following information: - email, phone number, password
Each profile user will have: 1. Downloaded movies 2. Wish List 3. Continue Watching 4. Password management - only the primary account can create and edit it. 5. Coming soon - personalized TV show and movie suggestions. We are working on it.
I'm sorry to hear that happened. Unfortunately, once a profile's deleted, it cannot be reversed.
Go to your application store and search "Cookie. Once you see our logo, please don't hesitate. Click on the install button and try out our services.
You can connect to Cookie either with Android or iOS device. Please make sure you have the following specifications on your devices. Android Hardware: CPU - Greater than 1.2GHz RAM - 1GB or higher Operating System: Android OS 5 or higher iOS Devices: iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini Operating System : iOS 12.0 and higher
We ask for your phone number to add a layer of security to your account that no one else has access to. We do not sell your personal information to or share it with unaffiliated third parties for their own advertising or marketing purposes.

Product and Services

Did you ever get tired of missing your favorite TV show? Well, no worries, we are here to give you a new revolutionary experience called "catch-up". With this convenient service, you can "catch up" the shows you've missed on Cookie for up to 1 week after they've been broadcast.
Cookie offers three special 30-day subscriptions - Basic, Premium and Premium Home. With one single subscription, you can access live TV channels and entire VOD we offer.
This is the plan that allows you to enjoy selected channels, including "catch-up" service for only 1,900 Cookies for 30 days. Just like Cookie Plan, it also gives you unlimited access to entire VODs.
This is the plan that allows you to enjoy all channels including "catch-up" service for only 4,900 Cookies for 30 days. Premium channels such as HBO and Fox Sports are available. Just like Cookie Lite Plan, you will get unlimited access to entire VODs.
HBO Originals content on-demand is only available for HBO channel subscribers. Basic Plan doesn't offer HBO channels; if you subscribe Premium plan, you get access not only HBO live TV channels but also those on-demand content anytime you want.
It means a transactional VOD. If you buy one of Cookie's 30-day subscription plan, all the VODs are available at no extra charges. But we have some limited movie selection for thoes who do not want to make commitment. Just select the movie you like, rent it and watch it. However, not all movies are available for this service. Why not join a subscription? With a price of one newest movie, you can watch everything on us!
After you rent a movie, you have 30 days to start playing it. Once you've started watching, you have 72 hours to finish before your rental ends.
There is no limit in the number of friends and family you can refer. Please be advised that the cookies you earn from this referral program are Bonus cookies, which means that they are not transferable and are valid only for 30 days.
Spread your love for Cookie and earn bonus cookies. Whenever your friends install Cookie and sign up, you can earn 1,000 Bonus Cookies. Your unique code can be found under the main menu. You can simply copy and paste the code and send it to your friends. Or go to "Refer & Earn," click "Share Your Code" and choose an app you'd like to use.
Cookie subscription is on a prepaid basis. Your current subscription plan will be valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. If you would like to change your plan, you can either wait until your current plan expires or buy a new (Higher-tier) plan. The new plan will be effective on the purchase date. Please note that if you accidentally purchase a lower-tier plan while having a valid higher-tier one, no refund will be made.

Cookie Home's Product and Services

Cookie Home is a magic box which allows you to watch your favorite Cookie content on a big screen in your comfortable living room. With your Cookie account, you can tune into local news channels, watch a series of box office hits on HBO with Myanmar subtitles. Or sit back and enjoy the latest Hollywood movies and Korean TV shows on-demand on your own TV.
In Cookie Home box, you will find a set of set-top-box, Bluetooth Remote Control Unit, Power Adapter, HDMI cable and User manual.
By signing in Google Play Store, you can download any app you like from the store easily by yourself.
Cookie Home is the only Google-certified Android TV in Myanmar, it comes with Google Voice Search (Myanmar language might not be recognised) and Chromecast built-in. All the apps on Cookie Home will be 100% optimized for Android TV.
Sign in to Google Play Store by using your email, or typing visit androidtv.com/setup on your phone or laptop. Go to Play Store to download any app you want.
Cookie Home can be bought in Cookie Mobile app and Cookie Myanmar Facebook messenger.
Our delivery service partner will send an SMS message with tracking ID. Please click here to track your order.
We have included User manual in the box. Please connect to Wi-Fi, TV and with Bluetooth remote as per instruction and you are good to go. If you require more assistance, please contact us via messenger.
Cookie Home works with most of the HD TV sets or 4K/UHD TV sets that have a HDMI cable.
Yes if the game console has a plug and play function with the USB cable. For detailed compatibility of each game console, we recommend checking with the seller/manufacturer of your game console.
You can change the language setting from the Settings menu located at the top right of the firmware. Select Settings > Device Preference > Language to make the change. Just a reminder that there is no Myanmar supported by Google. However, the good news is that you can enjoy Myanmar language on Cookie app.
You can, with Google Chromecast built-in, screen mirroring is available now.
Yes, but the Cookie app does not work from outside of Myanmar.
Yes, you need internet connect to use Cookie Home. You can either connect Home>System Setting>Network Setting or connect via LAN.
Cookie Home includes a 6-month warranty. Your warranty card needs to be completed in order to claim warranty. For more information on Warranty Policy, please go to About Cookie Home > Warranty Policy.
Please do a simple trouble-shooting by switching on and off, connecting and disconnecting to Wi-Fi and TV. Please do not attempt to open the box yourself as it could null the warranty. Please contact us via messenger.
You can buy it separately with an additional charge. Please contact Customer Service via messenger.
Launch Cookie app on your mobile to sign up for a new account. Scan QR code using Cookie-only scanner, located on Cookie Home tab on your mobile app.
You can't access Cookie's free VOD selection with mobile-only Basic and Premium plan. To stream movies and TV shows on the VOD section and entire live TV channels, you need to buy Premium Home plan for Android TVs. However, you can still rent individual movies or TV shows, but for extra Cookies.
Yes, you can watch our in-house channel, Cookie TV channel showcasing upcoming programs and titles on our TV and selected local channels without signing up for membership or subscription. Some movies are available to rent for extra charges without our 30-day subscription. However, entire movies and TV shows are all free with our 30-day Home Premium plan for Android TV. So why not start now?
Launch Cookie app and go to Subscription menu located on top right corner. Select the plan you want to get it started!
It is the same service as the mobile version, yet, it's optimised for Android TV UI. Please click here to see supported devices for our Cookie TV app.
Go to Apps, Search at Playstore and type Cookie.
Sorry for the inconvenience. As many Android TVs do not come with enough storage spaces, the downloading option is not allowed.
Yes, you can continue to watch your content saved under "Continue Watching" across your devices.
Yes,you can enjoy concurrent streaming on up to 5 mobile devices + 1 Cookie Home.
Password can only be changed on the mobile app.
You can enjoy attractive discount rate when you subscribed for longer period needless to say that you don't have to subcribe monthly.
We have Cookie Premium home plan for Cookie Home TV app. You can enjoy every live channels we offer and unlimited access to entire VODs.
You can't access Cookie's free VOD selection with mobile-only Basic and Premium plan. To stream movies and TV shows on the VOD section and entire live TV channels, you need to buy Cookie Home plan for Android TVs. However, you can still rent individual movies or TV shows, but for extra Cookies.
Once you play the video you rent, press "down" button on your remote. The Subtitle / Audio options will appear.
No, some functions are restricted on the Android TV app including Cookie top up, signing up and registering promo coupons. Please use your mobile devices for them.

Cookies & Payments

One Cookie is equal to "1 kyat". So if you want to buy 2,000 Cookies, you will need to spend 2,000 kyats.
The minimum top-up amount is "1,000" Cookies on Android phones and 1,600 Cookies on iPhones.
"To top up your Cookies balance, go to TOP UP YOUR COOKIES and enter the amount you wish to purchase in increments of 100. However, the amount has to be more than 1,000. You can currently choose one of these options to buy Cookies. KBZ Bank MPT, Telenor & Oooredoo Wave Money OK Dollar VISA/MASTER Credit Card In-App purchase (iOs only)
Bonus Cookies are complimentary Cookies that you can earn by participating in promotional events. Unlike "regular" Cookies that you pay for, Bonus Cookies are not transferrable. You can't gift Bonus Cookies to someone else or can't give someone the movies you've bought with Bonus Cookies. Please be advised that Bonus Cookies are only valid for 30 days after the issue date.
Go to "My Promo", select "Register promo code", and enter the Promo code that you've received. You will see the confirmation message.
Catch-up service might not be available for some of the channels on Cookie according to our agreement with copyright holders of the channels.
We aim to provide the download function for all of our content in TVOD; there might be certain content that you can’t download but stream only due to the policy of the copyright holder. Please be aware that if you can’t download such material from Cookie, you can’t download it from any other OTT services as well.